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Date: 27/04/18 

Format: 125 x Numbered Special Edition (CD, 40 page artist signed album score booklet, housed in handmade wash cover) 400 x CD + Digital

Total Duration: 29:04 

Genre: Magical middle of the night solo piano


It has been just over four years since Stefano Guzzetti released his solo piano debut ‘At Home. Piano Book Volume One’ on Home Normal. The release led to an unbridled love affair between Stefano and Japan, leading to a few tours since and a great affinity for his wondrous and sensitive compositions.

On a personal level, it really is amazing how the smallest of things day to day can change your life. I recall way back in 2013 I believe, rather tired after a day of work, when instead of ignoring yet another demo request, I read the words being the music and the person, and chose to absorb something very different for me. I’ll always remember the sun on my face as I listened and feeling rejuvenated at that very moment. It is the same feeling I have now, some five years later as I listen to the follow-up to this album.

Stefano has since become one of my best friends over the years since, and we’ve shared concerts and tours, vacations with our respective partners, intense laughter in Kyoto, London, Tokyo, and Cagliari, to name just a few. We speak on a near daily level about music equipment, driving our wives insane. And I often think back to what might have happened if I had never opened that random message and demo all those years ago.

Stefano has since blossomed into one of the most respected composers around, and his quartet has become very sought-after as they perform around the world. But Stefano himself hasn’t release a solo piano album since his release on Home Normal in 2014, and that he finally sat down for some beautifully close-mic’ed late night piano pieces to follow on from his first ‘Piano Book’ is a real privilege; reminding everyone of just what a magical talent he is and how powerful the music of one person behind such a simple instrument as the piano can truly be.

Thank you.



All music written, produced, mixed and mastered by Stefano Guzzetti 

Photography by Renata Floris 
Layout and design by Stefano Guzzetti 

Produced and copyright 2018 Home Normal
All rights reserved 
Published by Mute Song Ltd.



'By the end, it seems that Guzzetti has not only found shelter, but has become one.  While finishing the final chapter, we’re already anticipating the next book.' Richard Allen (A Closer Listen)

'I truly treasure the atmospheric, introspective music of neoclassical Sardinian composer and pianist Stefano Guzzetti, and am continually impressed with each new collection of his compositions. Dedicated to his sister Francesca: "a beautiful and lovely tiny paper ship," his new album, Short Stories. Piano Book Volume Two, is the proper sequel to At Home. Piano Book (Volume One), his equally-as-stunning debut masterpiece from 2014. This is the music I save for sunny and snowy Sunday mornings, late night mood music, and any-time-of-day inspirational headphone-friendly mood music. It's music that calms and soothes the soul, transporting you to a simpler, gentler time and place.' Sound Thread

'The music flows away from the listener in waves and changes in tone as the keys roll in their loop like pattern. All the elements work together well creating a fusion of light elements with a moody undertone... You sense an artist coming into his own and at the height of his powers. Try to search this release out from stockists of Home Normal, you won’t be disappointed.' Drifting, Almost Falling

'These so-called ‘short stories’ do indeed feel like sparsely sketched-out little narratives, ready to probe late night thought, or just induce a calmer state.' Norman Records

'作曲、演奏、録音、ミックス、マスタリングまですべてをステファノ自身が行い、彼のホームスタジオで完結させた、ぬくもりと慈しみに満ちた繊細で美しい作品です。ステファノ・グッツェッティのイマジネーションによって、私たちはますますピアノというひとつの楽器の魅力にとりつかれていくようです。' P*Dis / Inpartmaint

'オハロランなどをおもわせるぬくもりのあるタッチと美しいメロディーで多くの人々を魅了するイタリア・サルデーニャ島の作曲家/ピアニスト、ステファノ・グッツェッテイの最新作.' More Records

'On “Short Stories. Piano Book Volume Two” Stefano Guzzetti taps into a quietly powerful mood, one that at times becomes so spellbinding.' Beach Sloth

'It’s one thing to write an album of solo piano works, but it’s quite another to create an album of very high quality in the genre. Guzzetti clearly knows what he is doing–instead of just creating a beautiful melody or an intriguing bass hand, he sets the mood and tone for the piece as it is going along.' Independent Clauses

'柔らかいタッチで奏でられる心安らぐ温もりのあるメロディーと、少しもの悲しくも気品のある美しいメロディーのピアノが優しく沁みる、デリケートなソロ・ピアノ作品。' Linus Records

'This second volume of 'Piano Book' will remind everyone of just what a magical talent Stefano Guzzetti is, and how powerful the music of one person behind such a simple instrument as the piano can truly be.' Clear Spot

'Propagandosi come leggeri flussi che pervadono il silenzio di una notte quieta rischiarata dalla confortante luce della luna, le eleganti trame disegnate dal musicista sardo plasmano un accogliente universo fatto di placidi sussurri (“Hands”, “Namida”, “The sky is clear now”) e misurate ascese lievemente incalzanti (“Tecla(II)”, “Welcome”, “Be my shelter”). Sono intrecci melodici essenziali che si sviluppano come piccole, vibranti danze proiettate a dare forma tangibile alla profondità di sensazioni semplici dall’eco dirompente. Un libro sonoro che con infinita grazia ci ribadisce il talento di un autore incapace di smettere di incantarci.' So What Musica

'作曲、演奏、録音、ミックス、マスタリングまですべてをステファノ自身が行い、彼のホームスタジオで完結させた、ぬくもりと慈しみに満ちた繊細で美しい作品です。ステファノ・グッツェッティのイマジネーションによって、私たちはますますピアノというひとつの楽器の魅力にとりつかれていくようです。' Nowhere Else

'It offers a surprisingly diverse and expansive range of tones, moods, and compelling miniature narratives while never breaking the spell of its warm intimacy. Masterful.' Stationary Travels

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