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home normal ambient classical piano drone music from japan and poland

Home Normal is a small 東京 founded record label. 

We love minimalism + creative souls. 

We offer a variety of analog and digital mastering services.
Please email mastering[at]homenormal[dot]com for any requests.


Put quite simply, mastering is the final stage of audio preparation. It is where you get a trusted second set of ears to lightly or heavily adjust your work so that it sounds 'whole', and basically ready for public release.  We run a small mastering suite with an array of analog outboard gear, most notably our collection of Studer, Nagra, and Revox reel-to-reels and pre-amps. We also love working with a variety of digital plug-ins depending on the project. We have mastered over a thousand works of various genres over the past ten years from our studio in Tokyo.


One standard physical format (CD or vinyl or cassette) ALBUM LENGTH - €200
One standard physical format (CD or vinyl or cassette) SINGLE / EP LENGTH - €100
For any additional formats please add €50 (eg. CD + vinyl masters = €250)

All prices are inclusive of hi-res digital files, and include up to 5 revisions.
All payments can be made by Paypal or bank transfer and are only requested when the job is completed.



I work as an in-house engineer for a number of record labels and artists.
Regular customers are offered discounts so please do enquire about this if you have a number of jobs that need mastering.


Thank you.