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James Murray

'Living Treasure (feat. Mike Lazarev)'

Date: 07/09/19 Format: Digital Total Duration: 03:33 Genre: Piano Magic on the Ambient Highway


During an intimate live performance by James Murray, I heard (or thought that I heard) a beautiful melody embedded somewhere in his piece. After the show, I rushed home to dig up the track, so that I can experience again that same meditative state converging on a sense of elation... but the melody wasn't there. Feeling a bit empty I sat at the piano and played anyway. The following day I sent James my musings, which he graciously incorporated into the original piece to produce this reworking of "Living Treasure". Thus began our musical collaboration which is continuing to this day! Stay tuned!

- Words by Mike Lazarev


Written and Produced by James Murray and Mike Lazarev
Mastered by Ian Hawgood 

©2019 Home Normal 

All rights reserved 


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