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Date: 26/05/17 Format: 500 x CD Total Duration: 45:16 Genre: Electronic ambient / Organic acoustics


After being a long-term fan of Wil Bolton’s Cheju project and Boltfish label, Ian Hawgood was finally put in touch through David Newlyn who had Wil illustrate and design Ian’s Koen Park release ’84 85’ on David’s October Man Recordings label. This point marked the beginning of a friendship between Ian and Wil that has seen Wil perform and create for Ian’s Home Normal label.

In 2014, Wil released his highly-celebrated ‘Bokeh’ for Home Normal. Featuring cover art by the Japanese photographer Hitoshi Ishihara, the album showed-off Wil’s carefully-layered, organic minimalist sound that he has truly marked his own.

Ian and Wil started collaborating almost eight years ago, yet ‘Transparencies’ marks only the first full album release by Ian and Wil. Utilising piano, guitar, glockenspiel, flute, vocals, and found sounds, the album contains the fragile yet melodious nature both have become known for.

Following on from Wil’s own ‘Bokeh’ release, ’Transparencies’ features cover art by Hitoshi Ishihara and package design by Christian Roth. We’re are so happy to finally be presenting this long overdue work to you here.

Thank you.


All music by Ian Hawgood + Wil Bolton 
Photography by Hitoshi Ishihara (attic photograph - http:/




'Piano, glockenspiel, flute, vocals, and found sounds are all delicately woven in & around Bolton’s distinctively organic, metallic guitar textures. Like a languid fever dream, one track flows into another in a humming miasma as fragments of melodies coalesce and diffuse against a collage of sonic ephemera. Patient, contemplative, and meticulously crafted with the frosty warmth of a winter thaw.' Stationary Travels

'The Tokyo-based Home Normal stable do like to remind us occasionally of how much they love us. Well, they love us a lot and the feeling is mutual. Transparencies makes all of this apparent.' Norman Records

'Enchaînés sans que l’auditeur ne s’en rende compte, les six titres de Transparencies font ainsi montre d’une belle homogénéité et d’une cohérence certaine, qualités qu’on mettra sur le compte des huit ans de compagnonnage des deux musiciens, qui ne viennent donc seulement de graver sur support physique leurs travaux en commun. En fin d’album, sur le morceau-titre, comme pour imaginer ce que pourrait être une suite à cette première œuvre, des petites rythmiques apparaissent, le piano se fait plus présent et le tout prend alors une tournure plus affirmée, autre hypothèse de travail pour Hawgood et Bolton.' Etherreal

'Stunning.' Son of Marketing

'仄かな淡いトーンでもの静かに鳴らされるギター〜アコースティック・ギター〜ピアノや、フルート、グロッケンシュピールなどの柔らかい生音のサウンドと、シンセやノイズ、反響音などの霞んだ儚いドローン・サウンドを組み合わせた、デリケートなアンビエント〜エクスペリメンタル〜エレクトロ・アコースティック・サウンド。少し崩したアブストラクトな面もありながらも、優しさや穏やかさのあるメロディも自然とサウンドの中に溶け込んでいる、両者のメランコリックで美しいアンビエントな面が出ているコラボ作となっています。' Linus Records

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