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Date: 30/01/18 Format: CD Total Duration: 59:33 Genre: Submerged electronics and sustained soul charges


'Consequence Shadows' marks the first collaboration between Ian Hawgood and Giulio Aldinucci after years of development.

Initially getting to know each other when Giulio released 'Tarsia' on Ian's Nomadic Kids Republic label back in 2011, the two have become firm friends and have continued to work on music together steadily since. 'Consequence Shadows' was initially termed 'snow sketches' as they shared files back and forth between Giulio's home in Italy and Ian's homes in Japan, the UK, and now Poland in this time. This working name for each piece (each noted as parts 1 to 5 in their correspondence) has lent heavily to the overall feel, highlighting the imbued sense of fragility in the subtle melodies as they evolve through the field-recorded white noise frequencies throughout.

The name 'Consequence Shadows' came about as a reflection on the photographic work of Eirik Holmøyvik, whose work once again is used alongside Ian's releases. With bold imagery and its play on light, the art reflects the more overt elements of 'Consequence Shadows', as they serve to show the great depths of that which is hidden from view, and therefore, unknown at first glance. Upon diving into these depths, we discover a world beyond; a world of calm surface but an unknown entity below.

Whilst 'Consequence Shadows' will no doubt be (rightly) marked as an ambient work, the pieces stretch genre definitions as they converse with submerged beats, freckled frequencies, guitar echoes, direct vocal studies, and sustained piano chords, among many other directions. The closing piece is the nearly twenty minute beautifully epic reworking of 'Other Ashes' by Belgian artist Stijn Hüwels.

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All music by Ian Hawgood and Giulio Aldinucci except track 5 which is a remix by Stijn Hüwels
Photography by Eirik Holmøyvik

All music:

All photography:

All rights reserved



'Da una minuziosa cura dei dettagli ha dunque preso forma una tavolozza di impulsi, particelle e frammenti armonici, attraverso la quale Hawgood e Aldinucci hanno pennellato impressioni di un’ambience di ovattata fragilità, che rispecchia appieno le suggestioni invernali che ne aveva inizialmente costituito il comune denominatore. Per conseguire tale risultato, i due artisti non si sono affidati tuttavia semplicemente a loop e iterazioni, bensì hanno costruito un ecosistema sonoro attraverso l’interazione di elementi eterogenei, che scolorano in trame aggraziate, che prendono forma via via che i brani si sviluppano.​' Music Won't Save You

'​Perhaps, in the wake of a horrible year, the item most needed is hope.  As the dark album progresses to a lighter end, it seems that a remnant may have been found: enough to build on, to glue to other pieces, to cast consequence lights.  The Home Normal label is generally known for its beauty, not its darkness, and even in this shadowed moment, it turns its eyes to the sun.' Richard Allen (A Closer Listen)

'水面下に轟くビート、ギターの残響、持続する美しいピアノなどが真冬のサウンドトラックにふさわしいアンビエント・サウンドスケープです。' P*Dis 

'Somnolent, slow-burning electroacoustic ambience courtesy of Ian “Home Normal” Hawgood and rippling fieldrec soundscapist Guilio Aldinucci. There are sometimes more layers to these arrangements than first meet the ear, as it seems great care has gone into ensuring all elements blend into undifferentiated calm as easily as possible.' Norman Records

'Two stalwarts from the Home Normal camp have teamed up to produce Consequence Shadows, a spellbinding collection of songs that move freely between sonic habitats both micro and macro...Looking at Eirik Holmøyvik’s cover photo now, this could just be the perfect image for this music. It leads us back around to that inaugural spin of the album, holding the packaging for the first time and hearing those human sounds that tell us we’re home.' The Alcohol Seed

'冷えたトーンで静かに佇む仄かなドローン、加工された不明瞭なギター〜シンセ〜ピアノなどの幽玄的なサウンドや、フィールド・レコーディング、微細なエレクトロニクス〜ビートなどのお互いが作り出す儚くおぼろげなサウンドをレイヤードした、デリケートなミニマル・アンビエント〜エクスペリメンタル・サウンド。' Linus Records

'C’est ainsi qu’avec des composantes a priori déshumanisées, Hawgood et Giulio Aldinucci parviennent à insuffler chaleur et réconfort, à concocter de longues pièces dans lesquelles l’auditeur prend plaisir à se lover. Classique de ce registre musical, ce travail sur la durée trouve ici sa pleine justification, non pas dans une logique tourbillonnante ou vertigineuse, mais plutôt dans une perspective enveloppante, comme si les compositions nous recouvraient progressivement de couches ouatées. ' EtherREAL

'La ricerca sonora di Ian Hawgood e Giulio Aldinucci si fonda su frammenti field recording, impulsi elettrici e alternativi segmenti organici. Elementi sonori eterogenei e interagenti tra loro. Una volta assemblati con cura, emerge uno scenario ambient fragile e gelido, terzo rispetto le consuete dimensioni spaziotemporali.' Souterraine


'Una crepitante danza di minuti frammenti che riverberando conferiscono profondità a contemplative visioni immerse in uno stato di apparente ibernazione...Una vibrante deriva sensoriale.' So What Musica

'The album highights dark, immersive sonic landscapes. The minimal arrangement of electronics and field recordings makes each piece chaotic and calm at the same time. Synth textures and patterns shine through the shadow builded up by long, hazy drone.' Cánh đồng âm nhạc​


'Samen met Hawgood presenteert hij hier 4 nieuwe tracks, waarbij ze uiterst subtiele elektronische sounds, glitches, veldopnames en (stem)samples mengen met neoklassieke elementen. Dat laatste middels waterige pianopartijen en ijle orkestraties. Je krijgt ontzettend veel per vierkante seconde voorgeschoteld, maar toch weten ze er een dromerig, bezinnend en rustgevend geheel van te maken. Het is ook allemaal van een bijzondere schoonheid.' Subjectivisten


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