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Date: 08/02/19 Format: CD + Digital Total Duration: 34:56 Genre: Warm Analog Sleep Echoes


As we open up our tenth year in existence, we are so happy to be releasing a work of personal significance for Brad Deschamps. His work as anthéne has established him as a unique voice in the ambient community for his beautifully grainy ambient textures, filled with subtle melodies and inherent warmth. Known for his lovely cassette work on his own Polar Seas imprint, anthéne has made an album that is thoughtful and refreshing; an album that is the perfect antidote to the harshest of winters.

Written before the birth of his baby daughter, 'weightless' was made as an album for her to sleep to. With its slow-burning melodies and calming dusty noise fragments, it is such a cathartic and organic work. The greatest of ambient and minimal music often appears so simple in essence when it is anything but when you delve in, and in the aptly titled ‘weightless’ anthéne has really made a very special work of heart here, with the lightest and most careful of touches. 

Please enjoy this wonderful new album in all its sleepy winter glory.

Thank you.


Brad Deschamps - guitar, synth, field recordings, laptop 

Mastered by Ian Hawgood 
Photography by April Suen 

This album is dedicated to Shaleen and Saphiya 

©2019 Home Normal 

All rights reserved 



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Coming soon

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