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Andrew Tasselmyer


Date: 18/02/21 Format: CD + Digital Total Duration: 44:18 Genre: Fractured Modular Ambient


In 2014 I was fortunate enough to come across the music of Hotel Neon quite randomly while perusing for new purchases on Bandcamp that day. The album's credits were simply noted as being the music of Andrew and Michael Tasselmyer using a 2-track USB recording device, assorted cheap guitars and effects processors, and a personal computer in Wilmington, DE. Apart from being enamoured by the humbleness of these simple credits, the music was bold and open; filled with emotion and memory quite unlike anything I'd heard in quite a while.

I spent the next few months obsessively listening and decided to do a CD edition for them on Home Normal soon after. The rest, as they say, is history. Hotel Neon have added a member in the very talented Steven Kemner, have toured and collaborated with Benoit Pîoulard, The Sight Below, Simon Scott, and Marcus Fischer to name a few, and are now established as one of the foremost ambient groups around today.

In that time, Andrew Tasselmyer has come out as a quite brilliant solo-artist. His recent 'May Mornings' release was my personal favourite of 2020, and to have him back on Home Normal after all these years is such an honour.

Andrew's new vein of modular-sourced ambient work is just the right balance of carefully developed melodic structures and noisy analog instrumentation. It is no great surprise that Andrew will be following up his Home Normal release in a few months with an album of similarly sourced material for Seil Records as well. We can't wait to see what the year brings for this most humble and unique of sound architects.

Thank you


Written and recorded by Andrew Tasselmyer

Cover art by Stijn Hüwels

Mastered by Ian Hawgood

copyright © 2021 Home Normal

All Rights Reserved



'透明感のある清らかなシンセのドローン〜なだらかに広がる幻想的なシンセのドローンを丁寧に織り重ねた雄大なサウンドに、にじんだ淡いトーンでゆらゆらと浮遊するぼやけたエフェクトのかかったシンセ、微かなノイズ〜物音のようなわずかなエレクトロニクスなどの微細な瞬きのサウンドも組み合わせた、センチメンタルで繊細なミニマル・アンビエント〜ドローン・サウンド。' Linus Records

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