The wonderful anthéne album 'collide' is out today! Following on from last year's 'weightless', Brad Deschamps' ambient works continue to inspire and highlight an artist in his creative elements. With its warm, all-embracing ananlog ambience, 'collide' marks a real highlight from one of the key voices in ambient music today.


Thanks so much and we hope you have a wonderful day x

Please note that our top tier subscribers (at £75 per year) will get this as part of their subscription on CD in the next week alongside the first 5 of our next 10 releases. We've been asked by a number of people about the top tier subscription and the line-up for the 10 included CD releases. We're so happy to finally let you know the line-up over the next 10 months as follows:

Chronovalve 'Light'
Silent Vigils 'Wake'
anthéne 'collide'
James Murray & Mike Lazarev 'Suññatā'
Pleq & Hakobune 'Adrift (Remastered + Remixed)'
Wil Bolton 'Cumulus Sketches'
David Cordero 'Lambda: {λ}'
Ian Hawgood & Stijn Hüwels 'Voices'
Andrew Tasselmyer 'Impulses'
Hawgood | Hüwels | Murray 'Day Falls'

Batch 1 is going out now. Here's what you'll be getting in the post. Batch 2 to follow in January :)



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