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'Woven Songs'

So some 6 months after our last release and 5 months since our last post here, we are finally back after a short hiatus! :) We hope this finds you all most well indeed despite the ongoing pandemic issues the world faces.

Whilst we were warned of vinyl production delay issues over a year ago, I am thrilled to let you know that well after a year since the album was completed, the vinyl is almost ready for the second Rosales album. Rosales features the work of Home Normal curator Ian Hawgood and Polar Seas Recordings curator Brad Deschamps (also known for his work as 'anthéne'). Their debut in 2021 for the Archives label 'Still, Tomorrow' was met with critical acclaim. Whilst their debut focused on four long form pieces created in the same period as their follow-up, 'Woven Songs' contained shorter works sourced from guitar and synth loops and textures run through a vintage Space Echo onto cassette and reel-to-reel tape. The end result of these works is an album of grandiose ambient that gently fractures under the weight of these machines, leaving beautiful decay and noise in its wake.

As a collaboration between the two labels, you can buy the vinyl directly from Home Normal (UK), Polar Seas (Canada) or a few stores worldwide. Customers in North America might want to save on postage and order from Polar Seas in this case. The album will be out on the 18th of February, with pre-orders starting on January 1st. Please note this is not part of our physical subscription series which will be re-starting in April but all subscribers can get a large discount on the vinyl edition by using their unique code for physical goods.


Thank you so much for your kind support once again.


x HN