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Andrew Tasselmyer 'Impulses'


Dear friends with such fine taste in soulful ambient music :)

Andrew Tasselmyer's 'Impulses' is out now! You can listen to the album in full and buy the digital version for a fiver (£5) or ten quid (£10) for the cd and digital edition! :)

Also, as you may have noticed we extended our pay-what-you-want for all of our catalogue before last year's releases. Also our entire catalogue (inc Impulses) is available for £20 but this will end on Sunday!


Thank you so much for your kind support once again. Stay warm and fuzzy.


x HN



home normal ambient classical piano drone music from japan and poland

Home Normal is a small 東京 founded record label

now based by the sea in Brighton, U.K.

Thank you

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