We're so thrilled to announce the release of 'Suññatā' by James Murray & Mike Lazarev. An album that follows on from Mike's piano-based development of 'Living Treasure' by James last year, it is an album of short piano-based electronics filled with light-dark edges and surprising melodic twists and turns. We've had some great press already about it (see below). Enjoy!

'The seven instrumentals on Suññata¯ are often inordinately pretty, a few so rich in melody they're closer to song-styled, post-classical miniatures than ambient vignettes.' Textura

'The seven pieces have a dream like quality, one which has a slight blurriness that removes any sharp edges which allows for the listener to fall deep into the pieces.' Drifting, Almost Falling

'It’s easy to zone out when listening to this beautiful album, but paradoxically the record is also one of great focus. Murray and Lazarev focus on finding emptiness and peace, searching an inner Universe rather than the outer, physical world. Music is the great mediator between the two, and it speaks nothing but truth.' Fluid Radio

'Lazarev‘s post-classical piano compositions are colored by the delicate textures created by Murray which feel like a natural echo reflecting back the soul of the piano.' Ambientblog


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home normal ambient classical piano drone music from japan and poland

Home Normal is a small 東京 founded record label

now based by the sea. 

We love minimalism + creative souls. 

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